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The two songs above are dedicated to everyone who has ever supported us or believed in us because we are so grateful for that, you know who you are.

As we said above we now booking as many shows as possible in order to promote our debut album set for release in the next few months on 'Rising Records' after winning the Competition run by Metal Hammer and Rising Records to allow one band to record an album with Mark Daghorn (Cradle of Filth/Sworn Amongst/Trigger the Bloodshed) and have it mastered by Daniel Abel (Sworn Amongst/ Sarah Jezabel Deva) and to top it receive worldwide distribution and Film a video with support and airplay on Scuzz Tv...

Believe us when we say 2010 will change us for the best!

Before the Headliners it's refreshing to see a young band like Abadden who plays heads-down old school thrash like Kreator - Steve Beebee, KERRANG MAGAZINE

Dark Brooding twisting thrash with a crucial vibe, you can tell the band love Pizza. With a nod to the old school this 4 piece are destined for greatness - Christaan, AGHAST

A year ago Abadden impressed. Tonight it’s a different band. For the better that is. With each outing the Dunstable quartet is sounding bigger and bigger. The thrash is thrashier. The song writing has advanced. The stage presence has skyrocketed to a new level. Tonight there’s a noticeable interest from the crowd that hasn’t always been the case at UBSU. Dunstable thrash metal may well be the new charcoal grey. Who’d have thought it? - ALEX HAMBLETON, www.dtamusic.co.uk

31st of October 2008(Halloween)

With metal opposing punk, our first guests are Dunstables ABADDEN whose heavy slabs of melodic noise impress. It is at all times fast and loud and the good sized crowd are quick to seize the chance to mosh. My Misery detonates to the extent that the stage literally shakes with an awesome velocity all created by these free spirited youngsters. They are quick to announce that a demo is being processed for the 4th November to download. As with this in mind its only logical to include a featured track. The Day Of Reckoning brings a closure to their all out blistering assault that leaves a sizeable collection of ear drums almost obliterated! -Martin Stapleton

ABADDEN after a few gigs for us in Bedford, this was their first gig on Level 2. Fresh out of the studio recording their new CD were on top form as the first of the metal zombies. Thrash metal with long waving hair, thunderous drums and spectacular guitar riffs. A metal band that I always felt needed to be unleashed to a large Bedford audience and the first to play under the new web banner.-Keith (Bedford Metal) special mention to abadden, who we thought were really cool, good musicians with sense of fun which is sometimes missing when you see a metal band, so well done lads! The Screamin Eagles band

One band I remember from last year are a metal band called Abadden, their set at the County Arms suggested they still had some way to go, but judging by tonight their learning curve has been pretty steep. I thought things couldn’t get much tighter after Hang The Bastard, but it seems I’ve been proved wrong once again. “Into The Dark” is pretty much the track of their set as it shreds away and the beat just peels away into the distance. Then there’s the instrumentals, the solos just seem to go on and on, practically unashamedly along with a racy blend of a pace that reeks of the likes of Slayer and Trivium, no wonder everyone’s up front! The result; huge, outrageous solos, doubled up guitar riffs and everything else that screams out loud, yet these aren’t singular throwaway tracks, the progressive elements seem to bleed out of their set and you could easily be overwhelmed if it’s your first foray into the genre. But if it isn’t, it’s time to mosh, hard. This certainly isn’t the Abadden I seen earlier, let’s hope their upcoming Ep pays testament to their live set…