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Merging elements of Stoner, Doom & Psychedelic grooves Merging elements of stoner, doom & psychedelic grooves with pagan and occult inspired lyrics and female vocals, Alunah unveil their debut album “Call of Avernus” through Catacomb Records on 6th December 2010.

Alunah have spent the last four years relentlessly touring and gigging with such influential bands as Paradise Lost, Trouble, Roadsaw, Witchcraft, Orange Goblin, Doomraiser, Lord Vicar and Nebula.

After their “Fall To Earth” E.P release and “Song of The Sun” vinyl split release with Hong Kong’s Queen Elephantine, Alunah are ready to release their eagerly anticipated debut. The album is available physically and digitally from such retailers as HMV,, Amazon, All That’s Heavy, itunes and many more. Recorded and mixed by Greg Chandler (Serpentcult / Moss) and mastered by James Plotkin (Isis / Khanate / Earth) “Call of Avernus” is the sound of nine riff heavy doom grooving tracks, all infused with infectious song writing.