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Blackstar is a British heavy metal band, formed as a retooling of the band Carcass in 1995 but without Bill Steer along with former Cathedral guitarist Mark Griffiths.

The band name comes from a Carcass song off the Swansong 1996 album. Thus far they have released only a single album. Blackstar have succeded in taking their influences of late 70's and early 80's music, and mutating them into something a new generation can appreciate as well.Blackstar mix a traditional rock sound with more modern aggressive style, producing a full sound, without falling into the realms of complete retro abandonment. After a while the band was forced to change its name to Blackstar Rising.

The band dissolved because Ken Owen suffered from a brain haemorrhage.


Jeff Walker - Bass, Vocals
Carlo Regadas - Lead Guitar
Ken Owen - Drums
Mark Griffiths - Rhtyhm Guitar. Diskografi