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Formed in 2005, UK outfit BREATHING SPACE originally started out as a solo album buy Mostly Autumn keyboard player Iain Jennings. He entered the studio in 2005, bringing along Liam Davison (guitars), Bryan Josh (guitars), Andrew Jennings (drums) and Olivia Sparnenn (vocals) to record a solo album under his own name, entitled Breathing Space.

The band as such was formed during the support tour for the album, with a core unit consisting of Iain Jennings (keyboards) and Olivia Sparnenn (vocals) now featuring Mark Rowen (guitars), Paul Teasdale (bass) Ben Jennings (keyboards) and Andrew Jennings (drums).

In 2007 Andrew left. At this stage he was involved in three different bands, and that became too much to handle. Howard Sparnenn filled in for a few concerts before a prmanent replacement was found in the shape of Barry Cassels (drums). John Hart (sax, flute) also joined the band at this stage, and this line-up went into the studio in 2007 to create the first true band effort as Breathing Space, released later the same year named Coming Up for Air.

In early 2009 Mark Rowen left Breathing Space. Liam Davison (guitars) of Mostly Autumn filled in until a permanent replacement could be found, just in time to partake in the studio sessions for the third Breathing Space album. Davison couldn't stay on for long though, and when his tenure ended Bryan Josh (guitars) was willing to join the band on a temporary basis. The band have also opted for less extensive use of sax and flute for the future, which ended John Hart's tenure as a permanent band member.

In August 2009 Breathing Space issued their most recent effort, called Below the Radar.