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Taking their name from a Yorkshire brew of great strength and gravity, Centurions Ghost have been creating music with a formidable punch since 2001.

The group formed when Australian beach bum James (vocals) driven by his love of British steel arrived in London and searched for like-minded individuals. Stumbling from one unwholesome watering hole to another he found, Rich (bass) ex of cult act Searing Orchard. Fuelled by their disgust at the current underground scene they set about forming a proper fucking metal band to show the wimps and posers how it should be done. They roped in Andrew Berycz on lead guitar, Milly (drums) ex of End Of Level Boss and Dan (guitar) who also decomposes his own brand of atmospheric film scores. Centurions Ghost had sealed their destiny.

Since this historical gathering the group have worked hard and got the notice they deserved leading to them being voted 3rd best unsigned band in the Terrorizer end of year poll 2003 and 2004.

Musically they are a critic’s worst nightmare being heralded as a doom, black, death and power metal band. In fact they are a mixture of all of these, constructing songs that have an epic flow and overwhelming heaviosity.

The bands influences are far too extensive to list as each member brings their own style and sound to the ghostly cauldron. However, in recent reviews Centurions Ghost have been likened to that of Celtic Frost, Venom, Candlemass, Unleashed, Entombed, and Cathedral.