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After Soho Vultures broke up, Nasty Suicide (born Jan Stenfors) packed his bags and moved with other Hanoi Rocks men to Los Angeles. There he joined Michael Monroe's band and played guitar in Michael's solo album "Not Fakin' It". Nasty also met Timo Kaltio there and they decided to form a new band. They tested local musicians but when they bumbed into Les Riggs and Mike Finn they hired them. This was the first version of Cheap And Nasty. They made a few concerts with this line-up in California until authorities noticed that Nasty didn't have a working permit. Because of this lapse Nasty had to take the first flight back to Europe.

He then thought that Cheap And Nasty was history but Timo and Riggs followed him to London. Finn was replaced with Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs). In March 1991 first album was released called " Beautiful Disaster ". In 1991-1994 Cheap And Nasty toured around Europe and Japan. When Demolition 23. guitarist Jay Henning couldn't attend their tour in Europe in 1994, Michael invited Nasty to join as a substitute. In a press conference in Helsinki, Nasty suddenly announced he was a regular member of the band. In the same summer Nasty, Sami and Michael played in a tribute album made for Johnny Thunders: I Only Wrote This Song For You. In 1994 , the second Cheap And Nasty album was released : "Cool Talk Injection" featuring guest appearances from Rene Berg but after the release Nasty announced of his departure.