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Hard Rock - Great Britain

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COLOSSEUM II was one of the seminal progressive bands that emerged in the late Sixties, they disbanded in '71. A few years later drummer and prime mover Jon Hiseman recruted keyboard player Don Airey (nowadays DEEP PURPLE), vocalist Mike Starrs, guitar player Gary Moore (ex-THIN LIZZY) and bass-player John Mole in order to form COLOSSEUM II. In '76 their first LP titled "Strange New Flesh" came out, it has some fine moments but sounds a bit precarious. After the band dropped the singer COLOSSEUM II the chemistry was there: an instrumental fusion of jazz, rock, symphonic and classic, to be found on the excellent albums " Electric Savage " ('77) and "Wardance" ('78). Both records contain 8 captivating and alternating compositions with powerful and inventive drums, solid and propulsive bass play and tasteful colouring of the keyboards (Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes piano, Solina string-ensemble). But the focus is on Gary Moore's guitarplay: some Spanish guitar and many fiery and biting electric guitar solo's and exciting interplay with Don Airey's dazzling Minimoog flights. Gary Moore sounded far more creative and subtle (a kind of harder-edged blend of HACKETT and Jan AKKERMAN) than he ever did with THIN LIZZY or his later "bluesy period". In my opinion COLOSSEUM II has always been a bit underrated so I would like to recommend their second and a bit more mature third album.