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The debut album of the English outfit Crimes Of Passion saw the light of day in 2008 and that was a very average album with not very striking melodic metal songs. Almost four years later it’s time for successor ‘ To Die For ’ and the addition of an extra guitarist has certainly accounted for the fact that the album sounds more dynamic than the debut. That’s probably also due to a large extent that world-class producer Charlie Bauerfeind was responsible for the production of this album, because sound-wise there’s absolutely nothing to complain about this time. Does this mean that this second Crimes Of Passion record is an essential purchase?

Well, not exactly, because for that the song material on offer just isn’t strong enough (yet). The songs on ‘ To Die For ’ show a remarkable improvement compared to the debut album material, but that’s still no guarantee for a truly essential album. Even the guest contributions of Biff Byford (Saxon) and Andy Deris (Helloween) can’t change that! Both guitar players on duty Charles Staton and Harry Griffiths know how to play a nice riff and also singer Dale Radcliffe is not a bad choice, but the songs are just not memorable enough yet. Looking at the progress that the band has made compared to the debut album, this certainly is a bunch to keep your eyes on, because if they’re capable of doing that once more, the third record might become an essential one. Now that’s still a bit out of their league, despite good songs like for instance the single ‘Blown Away’, ‘Dream Again’ and ‘Hell And Back’. But the growth-curve in quality that Crimes Of Passion has showcased on this ‘ To Die For ’ is certainly interesting. Let’s keep on monitoring them in the future...