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I have to first off commend this album on the fantastic title, Nine Inches of God. The sexual innuendo isn't really found in the album itself, not sure why, but it doesn't matter much. It also has a badass cover art, which I'm a stickler for.

Nine Inches of God isn't necessarily a bad release - it's just pretty sloppy and inconsistent. For example, it opens with the song "Pigfeeder", which is probably the best track from the album. It's catchy, and has some great lyrics. A swingin' bass line and backing vocals, too. The next song "Time Machine" continues with the killer tunes. It has melodies and hooks; almost reminds me of a pre-cursor to Mercyful Fate, without so much King Diamond's vocals. The title track takes a bit to get started, and once it does, it sort of sluggish. While some Gregorian-monk sounding vocals chant "Nine inches of God" while the rhythm guitar flows, it can get repetitive and boring. I was honestly expecting more sexual innuendo out of this one. Maybe some moans or something. Now, the next track, is where the album starts its downward spiral. "The Poison Lake" isn't so much a bad track - but it certainly is annoying. The vocals are what really get me. They aren't like anything else on the record, another mark for inconsistency. Pretty crunching guitar riff on the song, yes, but the vocals just kill it for me. "The Dark Angel" is a cool song, I have no problems with it. But it pisses me off so much that it's followed up with "Lovers of the Dream". How can you follow up a crunching and metal song with THIS malarky?! This song is what mainly makes this album lose megapoints. They have solid Heavy Metal songs, and then go and fuck it up with this loveballads. The next song, "Poor Bastard" is also really hop-scotched in itself. One moment it will be fast guitars and riffs galore, and then about half-way through, turns into a gayfest. The last song on the release, "Spinning on the Wheel" is boring, and makes me want to start it all over again, at least just to hear Pigfeeder. First off, it's over 7 minutes long, and hardly epic. Some decent guitar riffs here, but the vocals are just melodic and not really catchy, at that. If this song was compacted, and maybe only 3 minutes or so, it'd be a hell of a lot better.

Overall, Nine Inches of God, like I mentioned before, isn't entirely a BAD release. It's pretty decent NWOBHM/Heavy Metal actually. The reason I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have, was because of its splattered inconsistencies. At times, they sound like the band Attakk, which isn't really a good thing. I agree with the other reviewer when he says he'd rather listen to Deep Machine. And not only that, Deep Switch's demo is a more enjoyable release than this. It's shorter, heavier, and less gay, to put it aptly. I'd still recommend people buy this, but only if they're pretty big collectors or fanatics of the NWOBHM time period.