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Def Leppard was formed in Sheffield, UK in 1977. The original line-up included Joe Elliot, Rick Savage, Tony Kenning, Pete Willis, and Steve Clark. 2 weeks into recording their first demo, Tony Kenning was fired and briefly replaced by Frank Noon. 15-year old Rick Allen ended up taking the drum stool permanently.

1980, On Through The Night was released and a US tour followed. High 'N' Dry was released in 1981 followed by another tour. Pete Willis, However had a serious drinking problem which became hard to handle and was later fired. Phil Collen stepped in as a new guitarist and the band became a total success.

1984, however, tragedy struck when Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car wreck. He did not leave Def Leppard, instead, he used an electronic drum set and the band released Hysteria in 1987. More tragedy struck when Steve Clark was a heavy alcoholic. He was found dead in his home on January 8, 1991 from a mix of perscribed drugs and alcohol. Vivian Campbell stepped in replacing Steve Clark.

1992 The newest incarnation of Def Leppard is revealed to the world in April at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley stadium.

1993 The producers of Arnold Schwarzenegger's new film "LAST ACTION HERO" approach the band in March about contributing a song for the end credits. The band, still on tour to support their latest album, cannot make time to record a new song.

1994 Def Leppard head to a house overlooking Marbella, Spain, to record their next album. Pete Woodroffe, who co-produced " RETRO ACTIVE ", is tapped to co-produce the disc as well.

1995 With the new album near completion, the band are approached by Mercury Records to release a Greatest Hits compilation, highlighting the first chapter of Def Leppard's career. "VAULT", is released in October.

1996 In January, the band keep working on their next album and move from Marbella, Spain to Bow Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. In April, the first singles of the new album are released: " SLANG " in the UK and "WORK IT OUT" in the US. On May 13, the album " SLANG " is released.

1997 April sees the band complete their world tour with dates in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Columbia, Equador, Argentina, Brazil and Puerto Rico.

1998 In April, the band get together in Dublin to start writing and recording their ninth album. The album is recorded in Dublin at Joe's home studio - Joe's Garage, where " ADRENALIZE " was recorded, along with some parts of " RETRO ACTIVE " and " SLANG ".

1999 On March 16, Def Leppard are one of the inaugural recipients of the newly launched Diamond Awards in the USA.

2000 The " EUPHORIA " tour takes the band to the States and Canada, where they play another 78 shows. The 147-date tour comes to an end on September 30 in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

In September, the band gets inducted at the Hollywood Rock Walk Hall of Fame, where they receive a plaque and leave their hand prints in cement.

2001 Joe and Phil work on their CYBERNAUTS project, playing old David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust/Spiders From Mars songs, Vivian works with his other band CLOCK, Rick starts his own RAVEN DRUM FOUNDATION, and Sav enjoys life as a father.

2002 In June, "NOW", the first single from the band's tenth album, is released. The album " X " (as in the Roman numeral for 10), is released in July.

2003 For the biggest part of 2003, the band is touring around the world.

2004 Most of the year is spent on recording a new album, consisting of cover versions of the band's favorite songs from their youth.

2006 The year starts quietly -- but that's only the calm before the storm. The band's long-awaited covers album " YEAH! is finally released in May

2007 Recordings of the band's next album, started on the road the year before in their backstage studio called the "sparkle lounge", are coming along well.

2008 The band's 12th studio album is released in April. " SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE ," named after the backstage area in which a lot of material was recorded during the 2006 tour, features a special collaboration with country star Tim McGraw in the lead single "NINE LIVES." A world tour starts in April, taking the band to North America, India, and various festivals in Europe. For the first time in 5 years, the UK sees the band do a proper tour, co-headlining with Whitesnake.