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Double-Wide was born Febuary 2008. More than being an unstoppable force of groove and metal, we are music fans and we rock out as hard to local bands as to 'big' bands and more importantly than most we dont take ourselves too seriously and dont buy into the whole bullshit rockstar hype, we do this for the purest reason of all, we love beer, goodtimes, hardrock and metal!!

The name Double-wide was taken from a COC song and reflects our influences from "southern Metal" Ie. Pantera/COC/Crowbar and Down.

Our other influences include Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, etc. and everything from DAC to Lynyrd Skynyrd. The name also reflects our heavy and broad sound.

Our agenda is to play heavy stripped back tunes with a sting in the tall. Our methods are simple, we do exactly what it says on the tin. But we hope that we do have a little something for everyone.

We'd like to thank every band and person we've met on the road so far for their support and kind words..

This is just the beginning!!