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Formed in 2007, Elimination had one vision; to create pure metal devastation. That year with a set of thrashing metal epics, Elimination laid crowds to waste with live performances throughout the UK, additionally recording and releasing their debut EP: 'Welcome to Deathrow'.
Warping forwards into 2008, Elimination began the year by releasing their second EP: 'Nightmare Asylum' which received glowing press from numerous fanzines, websites, and coverage in Terrorizer Magazine. Tracks from these two EPs have also enjoyed extensive international airplay.

As well as decimating audiences all over the UK, that band have supported esteemed bands such as Evile, Gama Bomb, Criminal, Wolf, Cauldron, and Forbidden.

In 2009 Elimination announced that they would be recording and releasing their debut album. In April, the band entered Parlour Studios to start recording 'Destroyed by Creation' - it's 12 tracks comprise the melody and brutality that makes Heavy Metal great; taking it to new levels. It has already been described as the best British thrash album of the year.

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