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Emerson, Lake And Palmer revolutionized the 70's rock scene by introducing a new line-up format. This fact really mattered due to each musician's geniality and unlimited talent that, put together, generated a level of music never achieved by anybody else as of yet. All of the musicians came from established bands before joining forces together: Greg LAKE came from KING CRIMSON, Carl PALMER came from ATOMIC ROOSTER, and Keith EMERSON came from THE NICE.

They explored their capabilities to an extreme, even with the technology limitations of the early 70's, breaking ground, setting the new parameters for a new vein in the english pop music (at the time) which would be called progressive music. ELP released 10 outstanding albums during the 70's, and after a long break, they got back in the 90's with a new approach, but still making good music. In 1986 Cozy POWELL replaced PALMER and they put together EMERSON, LAKE and POWELL, a good effort as well.

They've pushed their ambitions over-the-edge. On " Tarkus " the title suite was an inventive and edgy suite revolving around jazzy textures. Their most popular album " Brain Salad Surgery ", was their most grandiose and refined. Next, the more adventurous listener might try " Trilogy " or ELP's self-titled first album. In my opinion, these four albums form the core of ELP's best material. Other good ELP albums include "Pictures at an Exhibition", their provocative, fiery and intense take on a classical work. and "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends", a triple-live album (now on double-CD) with some absolutely stunning playing.

Being that some albums belong to a different band with only two members of ELP, we have to make this addition:

Emerson, Lake & Powell

Emerson, Lake & Powell, often abbreviated to ELPowell, were an offshoot of a classic prog band Emerson, Lake & Palmer with Cozy Powell taking over the drumming duites in place of Carl Palmer which released one self-titled album in 1986.

After releasing Love Beach in 1978 Emerson, Lake & Palmer became silent for a couple of years until Emerson and Lake met during summer 1985 inspired by Jim Lewis, a vice-president of Polydor Records, and discussed a joint project. Since Carl Palmer was still contracted to Asia and was unable to participate they had to find a substitute and after auditioning several drummers they eventually chose a long time Emerson's friend Cozy Powell. The band have always insisted that it was a coincidence that his surname also happened to start with a P, thus allowing the band to keep its original initials.

Emerson Lake & Powell released their debut LP in 1986 and began rehearsing in England for a US tour. The band's sole album was reminiscent of ELP style, with long suites, mellow ballads and a classical theme (Mars, the Bringer of War by Gustav Holst). Studio outtakes, demos and rehearsals that didn't make it to the official studio album were offered as a mail-order, limited-edition vinyl album, titled Space Gospel, to members of the EMERSON LAKE AND POWELL FAN CLUB. Most ordered copies of this were never delivered though, due to the bankruptcy of the fulfillment house used by ELP.

The US tour began in El Paso, Texas on August 15 and continued until October 30th. The tour was difficult and marred by a dispute which led to the band firing its management. Shortly after it ended the band disbanded without recording a second album.

Some ELPowell studio rehearsals and live recordings were made available as bootlegs in the 1990s. The material was subsequently remastered and given an official release on two 2003 CDs, available via the ELP website: The Sprocket Sessions (rehearsal tapes) (2003), Live in Concert (recorded live in Lakeland, Florida, November 1986) (2003).