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Frost was formed in September 2004, by songwriter, producer and musician Jem Godfrey - better known to the wider world for his work creating chart-topping pop hits for bands including Atomic Kitten - when he made a conscious decision to return to his own musical past writing and playing progressive music, in the band Freefall.

After listening to a broad selection of contemporary progressive music, he first approached John Mitchell of Arena, The Urbane and Kino, (and currently lead guitarist and singer for It Bites). Mitchell then introduced Godfrey to John Jowitt (also of Arena, and additionally IQ and Jadis), subsequently leading to meeting Andy Edwards (of The Wikkamen, Priory of Brion, IQ and the Ian Parker Band). John Boyes, Godfrey's former band-mate in Freefall in the 1990s, and from the band Rook, had already performed significant rhythm guitar work on the early recordings.

Frost's first album was titled Milliontown , the 26 minute long eponymous final track of which was inspired by the book The Apprentice by Gordon Houghton. Similarly, The Other Me and Black Light Machine form a suite loosely influenced by Paul McKenna's book How to Mend Your Broken Heart.[citation needed] The album was released in the United States on July 18, 2006 and in Europe on July 24. The band went on a brief tour to play a selection from the album, supporting Pallas on a four date tour of the Netherlands and Germany in October 2006.

Shortly after returning from the tour, Godfrey announced - by way of an article on the band's blog on MySpace on the 29th of the month (since removed), and re-iterated by InsideOut in a bulletin on the same site two days later (expired) - that due to his increasing professional and personal commitments elsewhere, Frost would be dissolved after fulfilling four remaining concert dates. It later emerged that an appearance at the RoSfest in 2007, in America - which was the final scheduled date - had been cancelled. The final appearance of Frost for the time being, in support of their album Milliontown , was back-up for The Flower Kings at The Scala in Kings Cross, London, on December 10, 2006.

However, in early 2007, Godfrey revived the band name and wrote in his blog about writing material for a second Frost album. Godfrey has throughout 2008 posted several videos on YouTube called the "Frost Reports," under the user name Planetfrost. In between the recording in early 2008, Frost supported Spock's Beard for a small tour. Videos documenting their tour are also included on their YouTube site.

Following the band's reformation, Godfrey recruited Declan Burke of Darwin's Radio to supplement vocals and guitars on the follow up album, Experiments in Mass Appeal which was released on November 17, 2008..

In November 2008, Andy Edwards announced that due to his new job as a college lecturer he would no longer play live with the band, although he might be involved in future recording work.

In January 2009, Nick D'Virgilio of Spock's Beard was announced as guest drummer for Frost's performance at RoSFest 2009. Going forward, live drumming duties will be handled by Alex Thomas (SquarePusher, Badly Drawn Boy).

In May, 2009, John Jowitt announced his departure from the band. With gigs scheduled in support of Dream Theater, Jem announced bass duties would be handled by Level 42 guitarist, Nathan King.

On May 29, 2009, Jem announced via audioboo that a live Frost album, recorded at ROSFest 2009, would be titled "The Philadelphia Experiment". The album later was released as a limited edition, titled " FrostFest Live CD", including a new song called "The Forget You Song", recorded at The Cube, East Sussex.