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Welsh quintet Funeral for a Friend featured vocalist Matt 'The Rat' Davies, guitarists Kris Roberts and Darren Smith, bassist Gareth Davies, and drummer Randy Richards. The quintet's energized blend of emo, metal, and post-hardcore first appeared in 2002 with a series of EPs and singles, including Between Order And Model , Four Ways To Scream Your Name, and "Juneau". The releases wound up landing them on the cover of Kerrang! Magazine, instant hype that paid off in the shape of a record deal with Warner Music U.K. Funeral for a Friend's debut full-length Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation was issued in October 2003. It was not given a concurrent U.S. release; instead, the seven-track mini-CD Seven Ways To Scream Your Name (collecting non-album tracks from the earlier EPs) appeared domestically via the New Jersey indie Ferret. Meanwhile, Funeral for a Friend embarked on a series of high-profile touring engagements, including a series of European dates opening for Iron Maiden. Touring continued through summer 2004. The Spilling Blood in 8mm DVD appeared in September with live footage, videos, and a band documentary. Funeral for a Friend returned in June 2005 with Hours, their second full-length. More touring followed, including the band's first stint on the Warped Tour.