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Most of the old progheads miss the 70's when Prog' reached the peak, atmospheric guitars, wonderful keyboard solos and beautiful symphonic arrangements where things from the past until this great band released " Revolutions ".

MAGENTA was born in the year 2001 as a one album project, Rob Reed (a talented keyboardist and composer who had worked on several good prog bands like FYREWORKS, CYAN and TRIPPA) decided to join Christina Murphy (Now Christina Booth), an incredible vocalist that has a bit of Stevie Nicks with the brilliance of Annie Haslam plus of course her personal and unique style and release " Revolutions ", a double conceptual album about the moments that changed humanity (small revolutions). For that purpose they decided to hire some session musicians for the recordings. But the project was too big for that, and fans started to ask for live concerts, so they change the plans and form a permanent band, with Tim Robinson (Percussion) who with the other members Chris Fry (guitar), Martin Rossen (guitar) and Matthew Cohen (bass) form the almost definitive lineup.

Their debut album " Revolutions " blends the spirit of the 70 Symphonic bands with the perfect production of the XXI Century, is easy to find references of YES, GENESIS and even Mike OLDFIELD, a very ambitious project that satisfied the exigent British critics. They announced their next album " Seven " and the fans kept waiting for almost three years before it was released, After recording " Seven ", Tim Robinson left the band so a MAGENTA fan and very competent drummer Alan Mason-Jones joins MAGENTA.

In 2004 when this conceptual album about the Seven Capital Sins is released, less symphonic than the previous but with the energy of Neo Prog bands like PENDRAGON and MARILLION (FISH-era) the long waiting period was worth, MAGENTA shows a more mature sound and for the joy of old progheads the influence of the 70's heroes is still clear. The last change in the lineup comes, Tim Robinson leaves MAGENTA and Alan Mason-Jones, a drummer who was already a MAGENTA fan joins the band in time to release the Single "Broken". This CD presents four other themes including the wonderful Church Organ solo "Opus III" by Rob Reed and the power ballad "Call Me". This short album shows a more mature band that has a clear and unique sound, even when there are some references to classic prog' bands.

MAGENTA is a new alternative for those of us who want to listen a good progressive band that is not afraid to create wonderful music using the influence from the musical heroes of our youth with great class and a great production. "MAGENTA is the true colour of progressive rock."