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Monuments is a progressive\math metal band from UK.
Monuments were born out of the ashes of UK progressive metal band Fellsilent. Last year, Monuments (featuring ex-Fellsilent vocalist Neema Askari and guitarist John Browne) released their three track Demo/EP We Are The Foundation. On top of being the live band for Chimp Spanner shows and support slot on the upcoming tour with Periphery alongside Tesseract, Monuments.
It is admittedly a bit unfair to compare Monuments to Tesseract, but there are obvious contrasts and shared traits between the two bands. While the polyrhythmic grooves and ambient guitar layers are shared between the two bands, Monuments carries over much more of the aggressive side that Fellsilent had. There is less focus on ambiance and harmonic qualities and more on technical onslaught and spastic rhythmic delivery akin to Sikth. The vocal work is no stranger to rhythmic delivery either. Vocal harmonies are also of abundance, as anyone who heard Fellsilent could have guessed. This aspect of the band has been carried over without much of a change at all, which is certainly a plus in my book.