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... Her songs are enchanting, magical... and disturbing, her lyrics and poetic writings are dark, spiritual, metaphoric and personal, and one never knows if she is talking about dreams or reality. Her visuals are dark, intense and sensual, yet her social-critical and esoteric writings are very insightful and highly acclaimed...

Welcome to Andréa Nebel and her world! Andréa is an artist and writer who clearly runs her own show. She is often referred to as being one of the most intriguing and charismatic personalities of the subculture... and many simply don't get her. Indeed, she has been attacked for being "too complex". Yet she simply remains true to her heart, and she has come pretty far by doing just that.

Her music always falls in-between categories and is placed in many different boxes, never truly belonging anywhere... and in our stereotyped superficial world, this is sadly quite a disadvantage.

Through Nebelhexë, Andréa has released the three albums Laguz - Within the Lake, Essensual and the latest one, Dead Waters . Her lyrics talk about her real experiences, dreams, magical visions, vampires and animalistic impulses, dream gods, animal abuse, yearn for freedom, fears and her thoughts about society...

Since childhood, Andréa Haugen (as she is called in "real" life) has loved Post-Punk, Gothic music and particularly British Pop/Wave, which all brought her to the underground music scene. She started to express herself through music in the early 90's, firstly with UK band Cradle of Filth, then she started to write her own music and created the ghostly dark ambient duo Aghast. It was here she started to use the artist name "Nebel". She then took a break from dark alternative music and explored the more catchy sounds of Pagan Folk music for a while to challenge herself, and thus she wrote the songs for all the Hagalaz' Runedance albums, which became very popular and entered the charts in the year 2000.

Andréa has a quite unusual life story and has done many strange, wild and peculiar things. Originally looking at a model career in London, she soon quit that "shallow scene" in search of dares, pure life and the human spirit (indeed, she travelled for a while through Britain with "New Age travellers" and Irish gypsies).

Always a searching, mystical being with a deep connection to animals, she joined diverse Londoner esoteric and occult circles... and soon after enchanted and impressed the elite of the "Left Hand Path" magic world. Exploring her fascination for the "dark and animalistic" a wee bit further, she got involved with Anton La Vey's church, became a Fetish model and a known act with notorious artistic performances (such as the Cradle of Filth shows) amongst other unusual things (and had a hillarious time)...

Andréa Nebel is a writer of thought-provoking publications, articles and books about the darker aspects of human nature, animalistic instincts and other esoteric/taboo subjects which became quite popular in the Alternative and Metal music scenes. She also wrote a book about the understanding of northern myths, traditions and goddess worship which became very popular, yet as she points out many times, "terribly misunderstood by the ordinary minds and 'non-individual' people". Andréa indeed prefers to write dark surrealistic stories, such as her comic One Autumn Day... and other creative writings. She started to write decadent and surreal film scripts inspired by her dreams and works towards making her own movies.

Her next albums will be released as Andréa Nebel, not Nebelhexë. She also announced that she will revive her early project Aghast and create dark soundtracks once more.

Andréa has a good portion of charm, humour and self-irony, and certainly does not take herself too seriously! Besides all her dark and "serious" art, she has many ideas for comedy and recently started to write sketches and cartoons to express her humorous side...

She loves to travel and chase good food, waves and intense experiences.