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OBIAT is a (UK) London-Reading based multinational 4 piece, playing mesmerizing,hypnotic metal, with characteristic soulful vocals. Psychodelic almost trance-like atmosphere mixed with heavy riffs. Ocassionally live OBIAT performances are filled with the sound of hurdy-gurdy and tribal percussion, and sometimes with a moog and hammond organ for lowering the wall of sound.

OBIAT was created in 1999 in Poland (Szczecin), by guitarist Raf joined by drummer Adam and bassist Pospiech. After a year rehearsing as an instrumental 3 piece, Raf moved to London (UK). It took almost 2 years before Adam joined Raf in London and they started to practice again (unfortunately without Pospiech who stayed in Szczecin (PL)).

In april 2002 OBIAT finally found the "voice of Obiat"-Laz from Reading (originally from Hungary). Six weeks later OBIAT performed live for the very first time.

Since then OBIAT has been playing live with guest musicians, among those were: Attila (Hungary), Fumio (Japan), Alan (UK), Marlene ( Portugal),Max (France), John (UK), Jonathan (UK), Zarand (UK-Transylvania), Andy (Greece), Rick (UK), Andy (UK), Fabrice (France).......and many others.

U can find reviews and interviews in music magazines such as Terrorizer,Metal Hammer, Inferno,... and web zines, in England, Poland, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Germany,Brazil, USA................. So far OBIAT recorded 2 albums with John Mitchell (KingCrimson John Wetton's band, Arena,Kino, The Urbane,...) as a producer. They have been gigging all over in Europe and sharing stage with bands such as My Dying Bride, Testament, Orange Goblin, Witchcraft, Electric Wizard, Atomic Bitchwax, 5IVE, Esoteric, Hawkwind's Nick Turner Space Unit, Ramesses,... TV appearance on Man and Moto "Mad Count Show" (also available on dvd with Obiat soundtrack). Obiat songs on air in Stone Age Radio (FRANCE),
420 Train Wreck Radio(US) and Total Rock Radio (UK)