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The rock multmedia based Phenomena project was started in 1984 by music producer Tom Galley in conjunction with his brother Mel Galley (Whitesnake, Trapeze, Finders Keepers). Metalhammer magazine founder Wilfried F. Rimensberger joined the two in 1985 during the recording of their first album at the Roundhouse Studio in London; first as consultant and Co-Producer, and than as overall project director. He secured a worldwide record contract with BMG and also attracted some of the biggest names in Rock and unknown talents to contribute to the recordings.

So far Phenomena released 5 albums, with chart successes in Europe, South-America and Japan. Whilst commencing work on a fifth album, in 2008 Mel Galley died of cancer. At the same time Tom Galley was also asked to produce Toni Martin's next album. During 2009 Tom and Wilfried took up the work on Phenomena again. No release date is set yet for the new album in the making.


The Phenomena project consists of several elements that are at various development stages:

Band (recordings)

A changing line-up of leading rock musicians from across the globe such as John Wetton (ASIA), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze); Brian May (Queen), Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy), Max Bacon (GTR), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Kyoji Yamamoto (VowWow), Leif Johansen (aha, 21Guns) and Michael Sturgis (aha, 21Guns) mixing with young, or lesser known but highly talented artists for studio recordings. So far 5 albums were recorded and in 2006 a boxed set was released.

Live concerts

The group has never played live in public but plans exist if the right occasion is found.


A script exists for a full feature-length action-adventure film that unites the scary darkness of Dario Argento, and the entertainment breath of Steven Spielberg movies, underpinned by Phenomena soundtrack's. Rimensberger produced a movie trailer in the form of a music video clip for Phenomena's RCA hit single "Did it all for Love". This was shot at the Abbey Road Studios in London. The movie is still in pre-production but the script attracted the talents such as Sean Connery, Eddie Kid, Antony Furst (Batman Set Designer) to name a few.


This is a dramatic stage rock musical on a Wagnerian scale and currently under development, playing on the full registers of human sub-consciousness and featuring some of the best talents in rock music and stage


The Phenomena game is under development for some time. Expect the unexpected and watch this space.