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Their music has been described by Classic Rock magazine as having, ‘A 60 fags a day vocal, and power chords that hit you like a jeep cherokee with bull bars. It's no surprise the band look every inch the scary-ass cowboys they sound like'. Must be hotshots from Jacksonville, or some such cool American hangout? Might explain why Kerrang! magazine hailed thus: ‘Rootsy heavy-assed blues guitar and honky-tonk harp serve as the perfect soundtrack for an evening with a bottle of cheap bourbon and a pack of Marlboro Reds'.

Meet rednecks Pig Irön. From…erm…the South...of England. Not exactly the heart of the Confederate south, right? And yet, they make a sound that is authentic enough none the less.

Their 2005 debut CD, The Law And The Road Are One, put the foursome – guitarist Dave Pattenden, bassist Hugh Gilmour, Canadian singer Johnny Ogle and drummer Joe Smith – on a destiny that continues now with their first full album, The Paths Of Glory…Lead But To The Grave. That first CD featured a variety of moods that betrayed their heroes as the behemoths of the 1970s, such as Zeppelin, Sabbath and Purple, where the lighter, dynamic elements made you appreciate the heavier tracks. The same quality courses through songs like "Battle Malady", "Ruler Of Tomorrow" and "The Ballad Of Thulsa Doom". These offer a direct bridge between classic rock and the more rigorous demands of the modern world. While the anthemic "Lord, Kill The Pain" has become almost iconic. Although there are some very heavy tracks on the record, Ogle's blues harp is quite central to the band's sound. Never aspiring to be some underground cult band, they have always done exactly what they wanted when they wanted and how they wanted, which partly explains why Pig Irön record, produce and release their product exclusively themselves.

So, there's the secret. What you hear on The Paths Of Glory… is precisely what Pig Irön want you to hear. No excuses, no baggage. Just an honest band who can stand toe-to-toe with any contemporaries, look them straight in the eye and proclaim, "This IS us. Can you say the same?"

The Paths Of Glory… is a stylishly delivered treatise that moves the band's obvious roots smartly towards a well-marshalled individuality. Their confidence, talent and musical insight is both impressive and focused. There's little doubt here that Pig Irön stand tall as one of the country's most excitingly creative acts.