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Heavy Metal - Great Britain

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Name: John Gallagher
Position: Bass Guitars/Vocals
Gear: Hamer 12 string bass Custom Explorer with trem ESP Thunderbird ESP 5 string Kramer 8 string Ibanez Soundgear Zoom 1010 multi effects Ibanez Tube Screamer Boss chorus Ibanez auto wah Carlsbro 300 w bass heads 3 - 4 x 12 ’s & 3 - 1 x 15’s speaker cabs Samson headset wireless microphone (John also writes on a Ibanez strat & his trusty beat up classical guitar!!)

Name: Mark Gallagher
Position: Guitars,Guitars, Guitars!
Gear: ESP “snakeskin” strat ESP “silver”strat ESP “lifes a bitch” strat The “mad” strat (50% metal plates-shipyard chain for a strap!! weighs 50 lbs.! ) Roland gr 505 synth guitar (without the “handlebar” neck - smashed it off!!) Fender Telecaster (1971 - its on the first 3 albums & got “retired” in 1984 after almost being stolen at roseland, nyc.) Carlsbro 150w lead amps/ Carlsbro 150w slave amps Carlsbro adr 1 echo Mesa Boogie quad preamp Rocktron Intellifex 6 - 4×12 cabinets

Name: Joe Hasselvander
Position: Drums
Gear: Ludwig double kit includes: 2 x 26″ kick drums 8″ snare 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″ tom toms assorted Zyldjan cymbals (the kit is beat to s–t but sounds incredible!!) (Joe writes on his trusty Gibson SG guitar & EB3 bass!!!) More to come!