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After one listen to the debut effort by United Kingdom’s hard rockers, Redline, I wish I could pack my bags and move to Europe to start up a new Hard Rock Record Label. It is mind blowing to me at times, that so many new hard rock bands can reproduce that great style of ’80’s hard rock. Too many new bands are not getting the exposure they deserve and Redline is one of them!

Redline has a sound that is well rooted in 80’s hard rock. Singer Liam Doherty has a sound that is similar to C.J. Snare from Firehouse, but this band rocks as hard as Lynch era Dokken. Does the sound work? You bet it does!

Ignition rocks hard all the way through, and there isn’t a bad song in the bunch! “King of the Mountain” starts Ignition off right with a good head banging tune that will put a smile on the face of most hard rock fans. By the time you get done listening to “No Limits” and “Twistin’ The Knife”, you may have to put the CD on pause and go find yourself a neck brace.