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Seventh Angel was formed in 1987 in Great Britain.

Seventh Angel was formed in 1987 when Ian Arkley met Scott Rawson and started jamming together.


The first of five drummers joins and leaves (a bizzare gardening accident?)

The first drummer Andrew Blount joined and the first few songs were written. Andrew Blount was soon replaced by Andy Hopkins who played with the band until December. During this period vocalist Stuart Benton attended some rehearsals before Ian took over on vocals.


First demo and local gigs

Early in the new year Mark Ruff took over drums . The first demo Seventh Angel was produced in 1989 with Ian playing lead guitar, bass as well as vocals. A few days later Simon Bibby joined to play bass and the band began to play local gigs around the West Midlands. Seventh Angel's first gig took place in May in Netherton, W.Midlands, England.

Greenbelt and UK tour

In August 1989 the band played their fifth gig at the Greenbelt festival, following One Bad Pig in the big top. Shortly aterwards Mark left and Seventh Angel toured the UK, including Ireland, with American band Whitecross. Colin Brookes helped out on drums during the tour. Scott then left the band but the lineup stabilised with Scott rejoining and Andrew Thompson, known as Tank, replacing Colin on drums.

The Rehearsal demo

Scott left again for a couple of months, during which time the second demo, The Rehearsal Demo, was recorded live for the grand total of £26. On December 27th Scott rejoined the band.


Channel 4 and The Daily Telegraph

On January 25th 1990 Seventh Angel appeared on Channel 4's Not on Sunday programme which featured a performance of Divine Takeover and a band interview with Brian Redhead, recorded the previous day. Later that year they were described by The Daily Telegraph as "one of Britain's leading Christian thrash metal bands". The demos recieved good reviews in various magazines.

Car crash

Ian and Si were involved in a car crash on February 14th in which Si broke his arm and Ian damaged several of his teeth. However, this did not stop the band fullfilling their gig commitments that week although Si was only able to sing.

Heed the Warning demo and first album, The Torment

Between March 12th and 14th the third demo, Heed the Warning, was recorded and mixed at White Rabbit Studios in Bridgenorth with Paul Hodson. Shortly afterwards the band recorded their first album, The Torment , at Mad Hat Studios in Wolverhampton, also with Paul Hodson. Rodney Matthews provided the artwork for the album cover.

Seventh Angel at The Rock

Over the next few months Seventh Angel played a number of local venues around Dudley and Stourbridge, including at least five appearances at The Rock Tavern in Brierley Hill. This was a venue where the band always went down well, lots of moshing, great atmosphere - some of the best gigs I've been to. The band headlined Metal Meltdown in November, which was to be Si's last gig as he left the band the following February.


Si Bibby leaves

Simon Bibby left the band and Seventh Angel parted company with their manager Dave Williams.

Gigs, gigs and more gigs

Simon Jones helped out by stepping in to play bass and the band continued to play gigs around Horsham and Stourbridge during the spring. The band played festivals including Harry and Crossfire. Seventh Angel also toured the UK with Toranaga from March 21st to April 7th, playing a total of 11 tour dates. Earl Morris played bass on this tour.

Lament for the Weary

The second album, Lament For The Weary , was recorded in ICC studios Eastbourne with Roy Rowland. The recording took place from the 4th to the 16th of July 1991. It was mixed during the first ten days of August. This was the high point of the band's output and received many positive reviews.

More gigs and Scott leaves (again)

Seventh Angel played a memorable set on mainstage at Greenbelt on the 23rd of August, sharing the bill with Galactic Cowboys. In October 1991 shortly after a gig in Croyden, Scott left the band (for the third and final time). Due to work commitments Si Jones also left just after Greenbelt and the band continued with only Tank and Ian as permanent members.

Band splits but reforms to conquer Germany

The band temporarily split between the 1st and 14th November but reformed, responding to the invitation to play at the Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal, Germany on the 7th of December. Jon Willis played bass on this occasion, in the abscence of the irreplaceable Si Bibby. Also helping out on bass during the next few months were Earl Morris and Nic White.


Seventh Angel on BBCTV

February saw Seventh Angel on BBC TV four times in footage recorded the previous August at the Greenbelt festival. The featured track was Forbidden Desires.

Gigs in UK, Holland and Germany

Over the next few months the band played at many festivals and gigs around the UK, Holland and Germany. On May 30th Seventh Angel played in Utrecht, Holland. Mark Broomhead, of Detritus fame, stepped in to play bass at this point and the band returned to Greenbelt on August the 28th, playing alongside Veni Domini.

The last gig

A tour of Holland took place from September 9th to 12th October and November 12th until 12th December. December 12th 1992 saw Seventh Angel's last gig in Utrecht, Holland and the band split up shortly afterwards. Nations wept.

Various members were /are involved in bands including: Ashen Mortality, Firefly, Detritus, Amaranth, My Silent Wake, The Other Window, Sukmunki, Freekspert, Paramaecium, Hellhammerhand Hix, The Heptanes, Chicken Legs Weaver and Century Sleeper.


The Torment and Lament for the Weary re-released on Retroactive Records and early recordings and live material released on Bombworks Records


Seventh Angel reform.
Lament and The Torment re-released on Metal Mind Productions
New songs written and gigs booked.
SA sign with Bombworks for a spring/summer 2009 release! Gigs in Holland and Norway


New album ' The Dust Of Years ' recorded at Priory studios in released. Gigs in Belgium and Switzerland.

2010 Fear dark festival gigs booked for march.