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Hard Rock - Great Britain

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Spartan Warrior formed in 1981.They were in the thick of the New wave of British heavy metal movement. Soon building up a worldwide cult following,thier style being typical of the eighties, fast with a twin guitar attack and melodic vocals.

Spartan Warrior recorded thier first full length album "Steel 'n Chains" on Guardian Records in 1983.

Thier second full length album was "Spartan Warrior" released on Roadrunner Records in 1984 both albums were well recieved by fans.They also appeared on compilations such as Metal Machine(Roadrunner Records) alongside Slayer and Voivod.

After a long recording absence they have recorded a new album " Behind Closed Eyes " on Ironage Records.The album is classic Spartan Warrior, packed with great songs,great guitar work and staying true to thier NWOBHM roots.Spartan Warrior are on the march again! keeping the British metal flame burning in a world hungry for the old school vibe.