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"If there is one unsigned band that you want to check out this year you better make sure it is these guys, because before long Stone Circle will own you all….." 10/10 Dimstar Media

“It’s such a rare occasion that a band manages to bring together intelligence and ferocity, and even more of a rare occasion when it is executed this well.” 9/10 UK Metal Underground review

"The new songs are amazing! Nice to hear some intelligent death metal music!" Tom MacLean - To-Mera

Stone Circle first formed in summer of 2004 under the original name of “Obsidian”. This consisted of current members Joe Ashwin, James Pearce and Sam Hill, with Tom Skelton joining in 2005 to complete the current lineup. Stone Circle (then Obsidian) experimented with many styles within rock and metal, taking influences from bands such as Opeth, Amorphis and Katatonia. They began creating a dark progressive sound of their own encompassing many moods from somber, beautiful acoustic passages to aggressive riff driven sections bringing a death metal edge to the music. Something they have continued to progress at to this day. This mix, with individual influences, has led to an intelligent and unique sound that the band love to play.

In 2008, Stone Circle have made a name for themselves by supporting such bands as Octavia Sperati and To-Mera with hopes to continue playing along side such esteemed artists and to progress to bigger stages and bigger crowds. As well as further gigs booked with Fleshgod Apocalypse (IT) and Chaosanct.

In the Summer of 2008 Stone Circle recorded “Parchment” with Neak (live sound engineer for Sikth on tour, and many other of some of the best British metal bands). With a successful and welcomed outcome, the production really does Stone Circle justice with it immediately receiving a 10/10 review by DimStar Media. Stone Circle have booked the studio for a full album to be released early 2010.

Now relocated in Brighton, Tom is attending the Brighton institute of Modern Music where Joe and James attended previously. James is now endorsed by Markbass amps, and Stone Circle where honoured by being on the Brighton Institute of Modern Music Album, showcasing the best music of 2009.