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TINYFISH, as a fifth-piece South-London band seems to have formed out of rock friendship and common passion, a lot of music chemistry, plus out of the natural ambitions to master a music, a style and a powerful personal concept. The band is highly appreciated and, consequently, is able to rewards back a full interest and craft in progressive rock. The musicianship is keen to creative writing and exciting music composition, as it is to humor (they like to call themselves "the World's small Prog Rock band") or free expression. The finest of the music concedes eclectic value and a delicate enthusiasm. So to say, TINYFISH is a band of a modern brave style, with a music that, in itself, has a strong squeeze and a constructive progressive addiction, made of recent, innate or demanding moments.

The band, at its origins, consists of Simon Godfrey, a talented songwriter, vocalist and music engineer, also playing guitar and drums on the album and during the sessions. Jim Sanders also plays guitars and vocals, having a "melodic heart" for the music and the power to impress. Robert Ramsay is the clever lyricist and label-manager of the band, undertakes every artistic endeavor. Paul Worwood is a bassist with enough reputation as to put logic, sense and the personal rhythm into what he does. And not to forget, Leon Camfield joined as a fifth musician upon the time of the first album being composed and arranged, playing drums but also some vocals; he has had proud music and rock experiences before joining the band and expresses, usually, brawny motives into his side-art. Chance and the intense writing sessions promoted the early artists (or their ensembles) into a extensive background of progressive rock entourages, including (or actually being referential around) IQ, GALAHAD, MENTAUR and Geoff MANN.

The band's original members have met and played music (experimentally or properly) starting high-school (or not only). Godfrey and Sanders formed, starting late college, the main musicianship of "Blackmore Edge", later "Freefall", and went on clubbing the Southern England. On into the late 90s, the small bands of "Charlotte Web" (a band particularly surprising Sanders and Simon's brother, Jem - from FROST!! - as main musicians) and "Men Are Dead" (a musicianship pioneered by Godfrey and Worwood) or Simon's own solo path, as Simon Walsh, decided small elusion for the upcoming TINYFISH ensemble, which concluded in the autumn of 2004 and, by Rob Ramsay's help, managed an independent label (Lazy Gun Records) soon after. But the music example of TINYFISH isn't really coming from this friendship, at least not exclusively, instead it is much influenced by the evolving times, by the classic characters or the creation orientations. After some heavy metal, their preferences turned a lot into the classic of progressive music, from Yes to Crimson, from Rush to Magnum, from Wakeman along Banks to Moraz, from listening to covering and experimenting the music itself under the own inspiration. Each member has its own parallels of musicianship and music discovery, around more than a decade and into many artisan expressions. The combined recent effort is this band and its appreciated talent.

Reviewing the band and their music is considerably exciting, acclaiming and simple for the progressive mature steps, since the band grew their deep, abiding focus into the straightforward progressive music forms. They are modernly precise or classic-adapting. The guitar-preference (synths and FX included) complex signature mainly develops the departure from acoustics (or lazy progressiveness) into the unforced full progressive sound-content. The contemporary burns have a wide enough presentation, from small heavy rock drops to the classic crossover of mood over complex string and alternative rush over simple sound and music moments. The broadened approach and the insight arrangements are defining best some curios influences or other passionate forms , like the minimalism. For an equilibrated taste, TINYFISH prefers a lot the soft art for the skillful composition and an degree of intensity for the radio friendly moves. Generally there is the consensus that Tinyfish have the music-notion of CRIMSON (by FRIPP-rock sessioning), RUSH, the neo-impasse of MARILLION, the easy rock HACKETT learning, the particular influence of Tom WAITS, or SONICBOND.

TINYFISH concludes, for now (since they've just released their first kind release), into a high interest of progressive play (and presentation). Various Art Rock motives, alternating guitar-works, good mood music, small neo-compassions. A small sound, with its own view into the big wave and desire of progressive contemplation, by difficult own terms.