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Tribe formed in September 2006, with an idea to be the band that was the square peg in the round hole of metal music.

Originally the band, from Yorkshire in the north of England began life writing and rehearsing without a full time drummer, Michael Lee of Page/Plant fame was an old friend of Pauls, and he played on the bands first demo recording. Around this time a myspace profile was created for the new band to gauge the reaction from the most important people of all...rock music fans. From day one the feedback was incredible, with thousands of people worldwide checking out the band and their music.

Tribe worked on new material through 2007 writing for their first release. During this time the final piece of the jigsaw was completed when drummer Adam Goldsmith joined the band.

At the end of the year sixteen tracks where picked and demos where recorded, each song leaning in a slightly different direction yet always maintaining the bands unique style, from these songs the final tracks where chosen for Tribes first release, which the band recorded with award winning German producer Sascha Paeth.

"Pray for calm ..Need the chaos" Tribe's debut album was recorded at Monnow Valley studio in Wales (where the likes of Black Sabbath, Queen and Rush had made some of the most classic rock albums of all time) and Gate Studios in Germany, Where Edguy, Kamelot and Avantasia currently record.

Once the album was completed the band undertook some live shows, opening for among others Saxon. Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson also picked up on the bands unique metal sound and championed them on his radio show regularly playing tracks from the new album, hailing the band as a great British rock act.

With "Pray for calm" already gaining great acclaim from the media, and many of the most respected names in metal music, Tribe could be one of the success stories of 2009.