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Heavy metal project band put together by Rob Halford, one of the most highly respected singers in the Heavy Metal field. Halford had made his mark with a twenty year multi platinum career fronting JUDAS PRIEST. After leaving this act in bitter circumstances in 1992 Halford created the razor edged FIGHT releasing three albums. Famously, the singer fronted BLACK SABBATH for a brace of one off gigs in Costa Mesa, making for one of the most sought after Heavy Metal bootlegs of all time. In 1996 discussions took place between Halford and BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi, but this situation never eventuated.

After putting FIGHT on ice Halford re-emerged in 1998, announcing to the world that he was gay. Although the media lapped it up the core of Halford's fan base remained nonplussed, having known all along. The singer adopted a striking new Nosferatu like image and an industrial sound with new band. Provisionally titled HALFORD, then GIMP, the album finally surfaced titled TWO, a collaboration with NINE INCH NAILS guru Trent Reznor. The band included guitarist John Lowery, previously a member of BONE ANGEL, bassist Ray Riendeau of DIRTY BLONDE, GARY HOEY and MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE with Sid Riggs of THE REAL McCOYS on drums. Although the TWO album was a quality release its musical diversity proved too left field for established Halford appreciators to stomach.

In a famous magazine interview Halford controversially and spectacularly seemed to renounce his Metal roots causing uproar with many of his die hard fans. Fortunately for Halford he has since rediscovered Metal, duly bouncing back in 2000 with the aptly titled HALFORD billed 'Resurrection' album, a twin guitar Metal record that made a sizeable impression on the charts globally. Successive HALFORD releases have maintained the momentum.

After his term with TWO guitarist John Lowery joined DAVID LEE ROTH then MARILYN MANSON, with the latter under the stage name of JOHN 5. Halford naturally returned to JUDAS PRIEST in mid 2003. JOHN 5, split away from the Manson band to issue a solo album 'Vertigo' in September 2004. Former TWO bassist Ray Riendeau announced a new band entitled BRUTALITY during February 2005, a union with LYNCH MOB credited drummer Clancy McCarthy and bassist Lance Grant, both formerly of DISLOCATED STYLES.