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If there is a band who never got worldwide recognition, but belongs on the same platform occupied by GENESIS, YES, FLOYD, GENTLE GIANT and ELP, this band is VDGG! Frontman Peter Hammill holds one of the most beautiful voices ever heard, with an infinite range of dynamics added to it, giving an odd atmosphere to the usual thoughful lyrics. Switching from sweet to aggressive moods, the vocals outstand upon a peculiar organ oriented music conducted by the geniality of Hugh Banton, yet counterpointed by beautiful saxes and other wind instruments.

The band stayed innactive for a couple of years in the middle 70's but came back, maybe to deliver their best phase, with the albums " Still Life ", " Godbluff ", and "Quiet Zone". Some other masterpieces belong on the first period, though: The incomparable album "H to He' Who Am The Only One", which counts with the participation of the master Robert Fripp on the guitars, and also the legendary album " Pawn Hearts ". Definitely a must, essential prog rock!