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It was probably a good thing for Tony Newton, that rather than inheriting his dad’s banjo skills, he instead got his hands on a bass guitar after one of his father’s betting shop clients offered Newton Snr the instrument when he couldn’t afford to settle his bill in cash. The subject of the wager is sadly lost in the mists of time, (as is the subsequent condition of the unfortunate welsher) but its resolution set young Tony on the path that would eventually lead him to find Rock N Roll redemption as the bassist and head honcho of one of the UK’s most exciting new hard rock bands - Voodoo Six.

Dave‘Grav’ Cavill joined his first band when he was 13 and has been beating the shit out of the drums ever since, a skill which he inherited from both his dad and his grandfather. Indeed, the urge to bash things was already prevalent at the age of 6 when Grav soon realised he could get away with murder as long as the weapon was a drumstick. Together, Tony and Grav make up the rhythm section that lays down the brutally heavy foundations for Voodoo Six.

Matt Pearce picked up the guitar when he was 13 and one of his earliest claims to fame was supporting Guns n’ Roses at some early UK gigs. Matt and band were so unimpressed by Gn’R’s first-class arsey attitude towards them, that they felt compelled to let down the tyres on their tour bus. Alas history does not reveal what Axl had to say about this random act of vandalism, but he's been in a bad mood ever since...
After a spell in the Tracie Hunter Band, which took him to the US and Europe for gigs, he met Tony while playing in London rock covers collective Metalworks.
Tony was after a 2nd guitarist for the band for some upcoming gigs, and when Matt was informed that one of the gigs was supporting the mighty Iron Maiden at Hammersmith Apollo, and after hearing the V6 material being put together for their debut album, this was an offer he couldn't refuse.

Frontman Luke Purdie joined Voodoo Six in May 2009. As his parents were in the entertainment industry Luke spent most of his childhood on the road. Being around music, he was given an acoustic guitar at the age of seven but didn’t take to the classical lessons.
At the age of twelve he discovered the rock band ‘Guns ‘n’ Roses’ and was bought his first electric guitar. He began lessons with the local green-grocer who taught him to play ‘Paradise City!’ he has never looked back.
At the age of 14 and with the previous rock influence he and his cousin Simon Purdie formed their first band ‘Money Spoils It’. They won every ‘Battle Of The Bands’ contest entered and were signed under the name of ‘House Of Flies.’ During this period they performed at the ‘Paradiso’ in Amsterdam supporting Slashs’ Snake Pit. Luke still has Slash’s empty ‘Jack Daniels’ bottle as a memento!
Changing their name yet a third time to ‘Reculver’, they also had a change of bass player and signed to an English Independent Record Company but sadly after thirteen years of playing, the band came to a natural end. Luke then made a solo album 'Two Sides To Me'.

Some say it was fate, others say Chris Jones must have made a Robert Johnson’esque deal with the Devil to ensure his younger brother broke his arm on the day of his first guitar lesson thus allowing Chris to steal his thunder and become the rock star of the otherwise ‘musically inept’ Jones family.
Chris kicked about in a few bands before ending up in a Pantera tribute band, and thus brings a somewhat heavier edge to Voodoo Six.

Take these varied musical backgrounds, add years of working and touring with some very talented bands and you might just start to get a feel of what Voodoo Six is all about.

Voodoo Six’s debut album, ‘ Feed My Soul ’ made a brief appearance in August of 2006, but in an all too familiar tale, a rancourous falling out with the band’s then label stopped the band’s progress in it’s tracks.
The album was re released - retitled “First Hit For Free”. It was remixed by legendary Canadian Engineer Mike Fraser (Van Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, Thunder, The Cult, Coverdale Page), and the single “Faith” added.

The new album ' Fluke ?' was released on October18th by Powerage Records.
11 new songs that groove and grind for almost an hour. It was Engineered/Produced by Tony Newton and once again mixed by Mike Fraser. This album will take the band to the next level, big riffs, big choruses, big production.