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Power Metal - Great Britain

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"Winters Dawn was formed in 1998 by Thanos (bass) and Dimitris Tsiafas (drums), went through various line-up changes and did a few shows in local venues, until 2000 when Thanos and John Christodoulou (ex-guitars) came across Stelios "Theo" (vocals). It was then apparent that the band was ready to record its first CD "Nitro" which was completely self-financed and promoted. Released in late 2003, it got raving reviews around the globe, shaking up the minds of those who thought heavy metal was dead. The decision to record a full length CD was immediate and the song-writing begun. John (ex-guitars) left the band due to musical differences. Meanwhile, Stelios "Theo" (vocals) relocated to Germany, which made communication and getting together a problem. He had to fly several times to Greece in order to record his vocals and Thanos (bass) had to record the guitars while in search for a guitarist. The new album " The Winter Is Dawning " was ready in early 2008, yet no lead guitarist seemed to share the vision of the band for 80's emotional solos. Then came Ili (guitars), a former bandmate of Stelios "Theo" (vocals) who had the playing style the band was after. " The Winter Is Dawning " is more than the the expected evolution of the band. It is a perfect mix of power, melodies and feelings. That is why 3 excellent musicians and icons in the metal genre like Jeff Waters of Annihilator, Theodore Ziras and Chris Caffery believed in the band and recorded 5 incredible solos. Anthimos Manti took on the role on guitar along with Ili, making the band stronger than ever. The band is proud to announce its collaboration with and signing to Heart Of Steel Records. The CD was released on 15 May 2009." WD

"To protect a friend's family and out of respect to his credos, I quit the band at the beginning of May 2009, which led to its immediate dissolution. The only reason this announcement wasn't made earlier was our label's manager instigation. On behalf of the remaining members, I would like to thank all of you who followed us in this short but intense musical journey and hope you will remember Winters Dawn as the fruit of hard work and honesty."