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Doom metal is an obsession, and from this obsession by three doom fanatics – guitarist Necroskull (formerly of Mfkzt), bassist Emily Witch and drummer Morrellhammer (also a member of Koresh) – was conjured Witchsorrow to continue the work of their forebears in proudly holding aloft the flag for super heavy true doom metal.

Worshipping the almighty sounds of Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Candlemass and their doomed brethren at Black Sabbath’s Pagan Altar , since their first live appearance with Blood Island Raiders in December 2006, Witchsorrow have preached their gospel across the UK, appearing on bills with Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, The Lamp of Thoth and The Gates of Slumber among others and at the Bloodstock Open Air festival in 2008, earning a reputation as a crushing, unrelenting doom force live.

In June 2008, their first official release – a limited, two track rehearsal tape – was distributed through the doom underground to horn throwing response from those in the know, and plans are being hatched for a second release in 2009.