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Wolfsbane were an English heavy metal/hard rock band active from 1984 to 1994. The band featured singer Blaze Bayley, who went on to join Iron Maiden in 1994.

Wolfsbane were formed in 1984 in Tamworth, England. They signed to Def American records, and Rick Rubin produced their first album, Live Fast, Die Fast , released in 1989. Prior to this though, they had released their proper debut EP. Entitled, 'Wasted but Dangerous', it included the face-melter 'Loco', featured on their debut album release. Recorded at Square Dance Studios, Derby, U.K. it illustrates Wolfsbane in their youngest, rawest state. Note Jase the Ace's liberal use of eyeliner on the rear cover and you'll realise it was recorded between late '87 and '88! The band were the supporting act for Iron Maiden's UK division of their No Prayer on the Road tour in 1990. Wolfsbane's second release, an EP titled All Hell's Breaking Loose Down at Little Kathy Wilson's Place, was released that year. The band's second studio album Down Fall the Good Guys, was released in 1991, giving them their only UK Chart entry with their single "Ezy" charting at #68.

Being an English band, signed to an American record label did not work out well for them. Def American dropped Wolfsbane as they felt that the band were not selling well enough. This did not stop the band from being voted as the UK's best unsigned act in 1993. The same year, the band released a live album, Massive Noise Injection, through the Bronze Company label.

The band released their third studio album, the self-titled Wolfsbane, in 1994 again on the Bronze Company label. The album is often considered to be the band's best work. However, when Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley got the audition as their new singer and left Wolfsbane later on that year. Wolfsbane disbanded as a result.

Jason Edwards, Jeff Hately, and Steve 'Danger' Ellett, the remaining members of Wolfsbane, joined with Jez Spencer to form the band Stretch in 1995. They released a 6-track mini-album World of Stretch on the Cottage Industry label.

Wolfsbane had a loyal fan base which they referred to as the HMS (Howling Mad Shitheads) which adorned many of the band's t-shirts.

On September 9, 2007, Wolfsbane reformed for a one off short set at the Rock of Ages Festival in Tamworth. This was followed by their first UK tour in 13 years, with the band playing five dates as support for the The Wildhearts in December 2007. Their next tour came in December 2009 supporting The Quireboys on their 'A Little Bit of What You Fancy 20th Anniversary Tour'.

Jason Edwards is currently a record producer, having most recently produced and mixed the self titled Wildhearts album and the new Blaze Bayley album. He is also one of three guitarists in Ginger & The Sonic Circus (project of Ginger, songwriter/frontman of the Wildhearts, and plays guitar for The God Damn Whores, alongside 'Random' Jon Poole (formerly of Cardiacs, previously stand-in bassist for The Wildhearts and also in the Sonic Circus), Denzel (also of the Sonic Circus), and Robochrist.